For Immediate Release  

Sept. 26 2021


Dry Hydrants Dramatically Improve Fire Department’s Response Time in Non-hydrant Areas


The former Township of West Carleton Fire Department (now a part of the newly amalgamated City of Ottawa) recently completed the installation of a network of 14 dry fire hydrants. Working in conjunction with Mainstream Dry Hydrants Inc., sites were selected to ensure year-round access to local ponds, lakes, rivers, and cisterns and strategically placed in the District. To date, all of the dry hydrants have been used in real fire situations.


According to Sector Chief Gerry Pingitore, “ Our dry hydrants network has decreased our response time and allows us the ability to maintain the Fire Underwriters Superior Tanker Shuttle “Equivalent to hydrant rating classification” with the shuttling of fewer tankers. This results in a savings of fuel and wear and tear of department vehicles. We all know how critical it is to be able to access water quickly. It means we spend less time auguring ice and setting up portable pumps and more time fighting fires.”


The project began in the fall of 1999 and is ongoing.


The proprietor of Mainstream Dry Hydrants, Mike Swarbrick, a former volunteer fighter, learned that immediate access to water in rural and suburban areas was a critical concern for rural departments such as West Carleton. “I’ve experienced dragging augers, pumps and hose down onto frozen ponds and rivers in the night  . I’ve seen augers that wouldn’t start right away and I’ve felt the frustration of trying to get at the water while the trucks were waiting.” He started marketing and installing dry hydrants in 1999, primarily through his website, Since then, he’s supplied dry hydrants to fire departments, municipalities and commercial enterprises throughout North America.


“Working with the Former West Carleton Fire Department, and now with the new City of Ottawa, was a great opportunity to help develop and implement a strategic plan. The outcome is fantastic from a firefighter’s point of view.”


Chief Pingitore added, “Our goal initially was to install a dry hydrant anywhere there is a year round water supply. While we’re not quite there yet, throughout the entire City of  Ottawa, I’m extremely satisfied with the coverage we’ve been able to achieve within my District ” He went on to say “We are planning to add more dry hydrants over the next two years.”


Mainstream Dry Hydrants can assist in the supply and strategic planning for dry hydrants for rural and suburban communities throughout Canada and the United States.



For further information, please contact:


Mike Swarbrick, Mainstream Dry Hydrants Inc., (613) 622-0990.