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Female Dry Hydrant

Female threaded dry hydrant c/w alum. plug and 90 deg. elbow.

Dry Hydrants and Accessories

Male and Female threaded dry hydrant      adapters are available in 4.5, 5 & 6"

Standard threads are National Standard. (NH or NST). Other thread spec's. are available.

Storz adapters are available in 4, 5 or 6".

All available with or without pressure tested elbow at 90 or 45 degrees.

Also available without PVC inserts. Straight pipe thread fits 6" galvanized threaded nipple

Male Dry Hydrant Adapter

Threaded male dry hydrant, shown without elbow.



Horizontal Dry Hydrant Strainer       Dry Hydrant Barrel Strainer Horizontal PVC strainers available in 6, 8 and 10" with fixed end cap or as shown with recommended back flushing cover.

Barrel strainers available in 6, 8, 10 & 12" for vertical installations.



Strainer Support Clamp,               ( 1" pipe not supplied)


Dry Hydrant Strainer Support Clamp

Inline Swivel  

is usually easily retro-fitted to existing installations and allows dry hydrant head to turn for easier and faster connection of hard suction hose.

Dry Hydrant Swivel

Low Level Strainer 

Low level design for cistern installations.    Rugged aluminum construction


Dry Hydrant Low Level Strainer

 Dry Hydrant Stream Strainer         Low level design for shallow stream installations. Repels water borne debris flowing downstream. Rugged aluminum construction.

Dry Hydrant Stream, Strainer

Dry Hydrant Strainer with Check Valve

Check Valve Strainer Assembly. 


Plug or Cap with Air Valve.

Aluminum plug or cap with built in air bleeder valve and pressure gauge. This plug will allow the pipe and dry hydrant to be pressurized from an air bottle, compressor or "air pig". Replacing the water in the dry hydrant riser pipe with air, with regular maintenance it can provide more security in area's of freeze-up.


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Dry Hydrant Plug with Air Valve

12 x 18 Reflective Dry Hydrant Sign 

Dry Hydrant No Parking Sign

Hard Suction Hose Page

Hard Suction Hose

We also supply a wide range of adapters.

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Fire Department Adapters

Portable Strainers

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Portable Strainers

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Last update:  February 22, 2013