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Your Best Source for Dry Hydrant Products, Information, Site Assessments and Installations.

"Dry fire hydrants have the potential of being one of the most effective suppression tools a firefighter can use... Bring your fires closer to the water - install dry hydrants!" 

 Bob Miner, D.F.C. (Ret.)
   Comber & District F.D.


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Dry Hydrants Dramatically Improve Fire Response Times In Rural Areas!

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We Ship Dry Hydrant Products Across Canada & the Continental United States.

(U.S. Customers are F.O.B. Putnam, Connecticut.)

With a dry hydrant installed in your lakes, rivers, ponds and cisterns you will have fast easy access to a water supply all year long. Fill your tankers faster and keep them rolling!

No more wrestling with heavy portable pumps and long hose lays over rough and hazardous terrain.

No more ice auguring in cold climates!



"Our rural dry hydrant network has decreased our response time and allows us to maintain the Fire Underwriters Superior Tanker Shuttle, equivalent to hydrant rating classification with the shuttling of fewer tankers. This results in a savings of fuel and wear and tear on department vehicles. It means we spend less time auguring ice and setting up portable pumps and more time fighting fires."

Ottawa Fire Chief,

Gerry Pingitore.


     Mainstream Dry Hydrants Inc. is a leading promoter and supplier of top quality, dry fire hydrant systems for rural Fire Departments. Dry hydrants allow the firefighter and incident commander to get the wet stuff on the red stuff faster and safer than by wrestling with heavy portable pumps and long hose lays. 
Insurance rates, road maintenance, response times and injuries can all be reduced. Public works teams and wildfire crews can also make use of dry hydrants for quick access to an abundant water supply.

We also offer site feasibility studies and planning. Please contact us for information.




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