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Report No.:                                                Protective Services 2003-005


Subject:                                            Dry Fire Hydrants


Prepared By:                                    Mike H. Hammer


Position:                                           Director – Protective Services


Date Prepared:                                 March 26, 2003





A large area of the Municipality of Greenstone lies outside the urban areas that are served by pressurized water systems and fire hydrants.  Although our fire departments have a limitless supply of water throughout the rural area of our community it is not always easy to access, especially during the winter months.  The need to drag heavy portable pumps through the snow and then to drill holes in the ice to draw water hampers the ability to quickly attack a fire.  




There is a system available that can ensure us of a ready, year-round source of water to use not only for firefighting, but a system that can also supply water to public services at work in the rural areas of the community and to MNR crews engaged in wildfire operations.


The system referred to is identified as a “dry fire hydrant”.  When properly arranged and installed the hydrants are recognized by the insurance industry as a credible source of water for fire fighting purposes.


Dry hydrants therefore have a positive impact on Municipal Fire Insurance Classifications.  Homes located within 1,000 feet of an IOA/FUS recognized hydrant of 200 IGPM can result in insurance rate reductions.  Other rate reductions are

achievable using a recognized water shuttle.  We already have the capability to carry out this operation in some areas of our municipality.


The dry hydrant system was the subject of an article published in the Ontario Fire Service Messenger, an information magazine published by the Ontario Fire Marshall’s Office.  In researching this information, I spoke to the individuals noted in the attached article and they continue to be strong boosters of this technology.   


Projected Costs:


There are not many Canadian suppliers of dry hydrants and there are even fewer in Ontario.  According to my contact, Mike Swarbrick at Mainstream Dry Hydrants, the cost per hydrant is based in large part on the complexity of the installation.  The hydrants needs to be accessed by our fire pumpers and so the area in the vicinity of the hydrant must be built in such a way as to carry the weight of a fully loaded fire truck.  The hydrants also need to be located in such a manner as to be accessible to our vehicles. 


·        Hydrant material and installation @ $120.00 per running foot

·        Initial number of units throughout Greenstone – 30

·        Funding – NTA

·        Total - $150,000.00 +/-




That the Municipality continue to strongly promote fire prevention to the public through all of our volunteer fire departments and to equip our volunteers with the tools to effectively carry out fire suppression operations when required.  The installation of dry hydrants should be considered for the 2003 construction season.


 Mike H. Hammer

Director – Protective Services



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